USS Midway Overnight (A La Carte Event)

3/8/24 (Guides)

How often do you get to stay overnight on a real aircraft carrier?

This is a truly unique opportunity to spend a night aboard the longest serving aircraft carrier of the 20th century.  Walk in the footsteps of sailors who bravely served aboard the USS Midway. You will take part in unique behind-the-scenes tours and hands-on engagement for a sense of what life was like for sailors on the high seas.

  • Learn the history of the USS Midway – at one time she was the largest warship on the high seas.
  • Sleep in the authentic Enlisted Berthing area that served the sailors when the USS Midway was deployed.
  • Guided Tours through behind-the-scenes areas – see how a city at sea operates.
  • Exclusive time to explore the Flight Deck under the stars.

Your Overnight Adventure includes a hot breakfast, inspired by Midway’s original cookbook – just like a true Midway Sailor. A snack box will be provided during the evening Flight Deck free time.

Cost: A-La-Carte Experience (TBD / 2021 was $110 per person)