Pacific Explorers is a California 501c3 non-profit organization based in Newport Beach.


Pacific Explorers is governed by a 9-member board of directors consisting of 3 members at the Pacific Explorers (top) level, 3 members from Pacific Guides, and 3 members from Pacific Princesses:

  • President, Pacific Explorers
  • Treasurer, Pacific Explorers
  • Secretary, Pacific Explorers


  • Commodore, Pacific Guides
  • Quartermaster, Pacific Guides
  • Treasurer, Pacific Guides


  • Commodore, Pacific Princesses
  • Quartermaster, Pacific Princesses
  • Treasurer, Pacific Princesses


Our seasons run from August through June to closely map to the school calendar. We operate as crews (local groups of typically 10 to 30 families) who organize their own events while also participating in fleet events. The fleet is all the crews of either the Pacific Guides or Pacific Princesses.

We currently serve children from kindergarten through 6th-grade, though it is up to each crew to set their own guidelines.