Pacific Guides, part of the Pacific Explorers, consists of several crews in the Greater Newport Beach California area. Our Explorer Guide program focuses on building strong relationships between a fathers and sons through fun events and activities. We encourage you as a father to “get to know your kid while your kid is still a kid.” During their elementary school years, children tend to see their parents as guides, teachers, and heroes. They start to understand that parents protect and nurture them. A strong relationship is based on our ability to ask open-ended questions that help our children think and move beyond simple yes or no responses. We strive to invite our children to accept challenges and opportunities, celebrate accomplishments, and face fears. For these reasons, we have designed the program for one father and his sons to participate together.


We have found that not only is the program great to allow fathers to grow closer to their sons, but the kids form friendships with those from other schools and neighborhoods, and strengthen relationships with friends they already know. Furthermore, fathers get to know each other and build strong, often long-lasting friendships with dads going through similar stages of parenting and life.


Currently we have the following crews:

  • Bison

  • Dolphins

  • Lightning Bolts

  • Mohawks

  • Seahawks

  • Tetons


If you are new to the program, please reach out and consider joining!